Friday, July 3, 2009

Mindsets! ask yourself this critical questions.

When we think about our career and professions, what is the type of mindset we have towards then? Is it out of love, passion and abundance for what we do, enjoyment and enthusiasm of our every day job? or are we thinking survival? out of fear, looking for security and benefits on our work place, looking just to make another paycheck?

This are question I’ve asked myself to come to conclusion and figure out what are my true dreams and goals and what I'm passionate about.

In conclusion:

We are left with 3 choices, to choose a career based on the income it yields and the job market it has, to chose to do what We love and accept whatever lifestyle and income it provides, or to chose what We love and be the best at it, turning it into something big and prosperous for our family.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Palm Pre, enemy or iPhone users best friend?

Ok, this is my first blog ever, and I really mean it cause not even on myspace I ever posted a blog or a bulletin, so please excuse my typos and other things in advance, I'm just writing what I think freely and I'm not turning this in, to any college professor "eeww". Now what was I going to blog about? Oh yeah the new Palm Pre and how many iPhone users are just talking a lot of smack about it. As many of you (my friends) may know I'm a huge iPhone and Apple fanatic, Im a Mac and my brother a PC, but I also owned a Palm Treo before and I really liked it, both the Palm Treo 700p and the 700w and the only problems were overheating, bad battery, crashing when surfing the net and more, but why did I like it? because it had the features that I needed for work and business and there wasn't anything else better out there, which is why as an iPhone user instead of rejecting the new Palm Pre, I would like it to be better than the iPhone and this is why: Apple will take a long time to add things needed to some of their products like they took 2 years to add copy and paste, to mention only one of the long overdue new features to the iPhone on the 3.0 update coming this summer and to lower the prices too, unless they feel pressure by the competition which they almost never have.

I want the new Palm Pre to be better than the iphone 3g and the new iPhone rumored to be coming out, not to buy a Palm Pre but to get a better iphone from an under pressure Apple, force not to hold back the latest technology for some of their products and also lower the prices of them.

So stop looking at the Palm Pre as bad thing and hope it is all they said it would be, cause Apple needs to be awaken and feel some competition like they do with the netbooks, now adding more speed and hard drive space to the 13 inch white macbook, keeping it at the same price, but thats a whole other blog.

Thanks and please let me know what you think.